Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Collaboration with Bag of Love

I am doing a collaboration with Bag of Love. I am sure you would have heard of this beauty bag. I tried it's April bag and couldn't help to go ahead and purchase a full size of this particular product:

Damn, it makes me fall asleep better. Try it for yourself, and you would be amazed. 

I tried other beauty box before, but was not happy with what was in it. As for Bag of Love, it even made me go get the full size product. So go figure!

Anyway, back to the topic - I am starting something small - a tiny, part time business. Planning to have anything from read books, to magazines, to scented sachets, candles etc etc. I am looking to add more products. My aim is to have just about anything at Just Everythingz :) 

I am considering getting in phone covers - sold at cheaper price of course. 
 Probably most things available should be under RM20. What do you think?

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