Friday, September 20, 2013

Falling in love all over again

I remember the day we expressed our feelings to each other. He was at his place, me at mine. I was so shy that I covered my face with a pillow while speaking to him. I had butterflies in my stomach. Felt like dancing away, screaming my lungs out. I never really felt in love before him. Well, I was more like a girl out for fun. One after another. No any serious relationships. Just guys of that moment. That was 23rd March 2004. 

Almost a year later, we got married and there was just love, but I was no longer in love. From the first week of our marriage, it was all thorns, tears, abuse, fear, and I just kept doing what I had to do. Things did become better after a couple of years, and after 5 years, things seemed to settle down until 26th March this year when I asked myself - why am I in this marriage when we live like roommates? 

Fast forward to this day - well, I have the answer. Because we love each other too much, we would have missed out on what's happening now if I had walked out. 

It is true, everything happens for a reason. The delusional disorder which led to seeing the doctor, then we had a heart to heart and a very open talk, and now here we are - 8 years 4 months into our marriage, that we both feel like we are falling in love all over again.

Marriage is hard work. Don't let people fool you into thinking otherwise. Just like how it takes two to tango, it takes two to make the marriage work.

Talk. Communicate. Your partner is not a mind reader. I admit, I did talk at the beginning of my frustration, but it didn't quite get though to him. But thank God there was an intervention from a third party, or should I say a professional neutral party -  which obviously helped us to communicate. Talking to friends or family, won't get you too far. Unless your family is like my Bro & SIL. They didn't "implant" any decision in my head. The drawback - only I was talking. Hubs wasn't talking to anyone. Well, he only has me, but I wasn't "listening" either. Being too frustrated, anything he tells me used to get me to snap easily.

Today I feel he wants me as his woman. He does all these little things that makes a big difference to me. Helping me clean up, throw out the garbage, paying the bills, calling the electrician, cooking, fold the clothes etc etc... All these little things he is doing now, he does it with an open heart. We joke, we laugh, we talk, make out, make love. It feels like we are beginning to get our mojo. We were very young when we got married. We have learnt a lot along the way. We have grown up and are matured adults. It's time to live like a married couple for real. 

We are discovering us all over again. Yes, we are falling in love all over again. Maturely. It's time.


  1. Aww that's so sweet babe,HAPPY for you guys :)See what did I tell you :p Keep it up!

    1. Thanks babe. Patience does pay. Today all the more I believe that everything happens for a reason. Hugs!


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