Friday, September 13, 2013

Handbag hunt

I've never really paid much attention to handbags. I don't have any collection to start with. I've bought handbags before, but it's always on a strict budget. The only branded handbag that I owned was a Gucci brand, that too bought on a sale! My handbags have never crossed the RM150 mark. The lower the price, the better for me. Well, fast forward till a few weeks ago, I told myself it's time I buy a proper handbag. I am 32 and that's the least I should have. After all, a handbag is an important accessory to a woman just as a watch is to a man, right? Err I think so.

Well, last weekend, hubby took me to The Gardens, and said to me that I ought to buy a handbag and it will be a gift from him. I was touched, no doubt, but then I went like "Why Gardens? Why not Metrojaya?". Hahah

Anyway, after walking in and out of Coach & Longchamp, and walking all the way to Metrojaya and then back again in to Coach & Longchamp, I finally own these:

Thank you hubby!


  1. Usually most women get to pick ONE bag but you get two, hehe, lucky woman you but I think you totally deserve it ;) The bags are pretty babe, enjoy :)

    1. Heheh I know right? He can even tell me to get 2 wristlets from Coach. I was like no way! I think the sales girl also would have been like, go woman, take it. Why on earth are you saying no?? Hahah

      Thanks babe. I went for something simple - that goes with everything.


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