Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To join or not to join

Yes, that's the question. To join or not to join the gym. 

We surveyed Celebrity Fitness in SS2 Mall, since it's the nearest. It's definitely cheaper than Fitness First (the gym hubby is currently in). You don't even have to rent towels! They have a few aerobic classes that caught my interest and also the cycling RPM class.

We took a tour, and it's a simple, new setup. Up to last night, I was leaning more to the idea of joining it. Despite contemplating the idea of spending RM142 every month for 1 year - not even knowing if I am going to actually get my lazy ass out of the house once I am home. You see, once I am home, I'd rather just stay home. Would I be comfortable with the many people that would be there. Hmmm 

The verdict: It's a no go. 

I'd rather spend and get a good mp3 player - walk, jog on our treadmill on the weekdays, and go to the parks on the weekends. All I need is cardio, not strength training. Well, not yet. For now, I need to lose the fat and the weight. 


  1. Actually, if you do strength + cardio it's much quicker to lose the weight. Strength training makes you toned and you'll build muscles you didn't even know you had. The thing about gyms is that once you've paid the money, your guilt will force you to go. The group classes like the Cycling classes are very fun and can be very motivating because you see how hard other people are pushing themselves not only to lose weight but to be fit. I used to be really self-conscious and have very bad body image but by going to the gym, I learned self love. You might want to consider joining the gym :)

    1. Halo! Yes, I know. But I aim to lose the fat / weight first. Then start some kind of strength training. I am planning to soon start on basics at home - squats, lunges, sit ups and planks.

      Ahhh yes, the gym. Well, maybe I shall revisit it again one day. I think it does boost your self confidence, and I noticed one thing about myself - even when I am walking / jogging at the park - I tend to push myself further. Because I see others who are so young and the elderly doing their walks, and I am like, whoa! I should be able to do it too! Hahah


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