Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It's time for me to say goodbye,
But before I do, I am much obliged,
to thank all of you for a memorable time
and experience that money can't buy.

To those of you who have become friends,
May we continue to keep in touch,
To the others if we ever crossed paths,
May we say hello with an open heart.

God bless & best wishes always.
-Copyright by me- 

That poem will be sent out to all at the company I am working on 13th November 2013. Yeap, I have resigned. It became official on 16th October.

I think it was long coming. I also think that it has happened at the right time. My mom has just been diagnosed with a blocked artery. The epilepsy isn't helping either. My dad is getting from bad to worse. The other day we went for a wedding luncheon, I saw him taking a sip of water from his glass, his hands all shaky, and he seemed a bit "lost". They can't seem to travel on their own much anymore. My mom has missed hospital appointments because no cabs were available. The list just goes on and on. Not forgetting my NanaJi, who I think will appreciate if I were to travel to Pahang and bring his daughter along, even though it's a day trip.

Having said that, am I resigning because of them? Subconciously, maybe it's a yes. But what was the deciding point was an incident that happened at office. There has been many "incidents" and that was the last straw. It's true, once you start dragging yourself to work, it's time for a change.

I am not looking for another job just as yet, because I want to be there for the ones I love. Do what makes me happy. What I have passion for. I have always wanted to try something on my own, this is the time. I have hubby's support, and that's all that matters. Really. If things don't work out, I can always start working again next year.

So be prepared to see more of me after the 13th eh? Hoping to have updates everyday!!   :))


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