Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hope to be back and stay

Well hello peeps! After 1 month and 28 days of being super silent, here I am. I just hope that I will stay. Haha 

Before I go on, thank you for your emails. Yes yes, my blog may not be a super famous one, but I do have some of you who emailed to ask if I am okay and one particular person wrote me a beautiful email of encouragement and well wishes. Thank you A & once again, sorry for the late reply.

So let's recap what's been happening.... 
NanaJi got worse. He is back home now in Pahang. He is surviving from day to day. Pains all of us to see him suffering. So all we hope for is if it's time, please let it be peaceful. 

Mom had to undergo an angiogram. That was another whole new experience for me. Nerve wrecking because I was told it would take only 1 hour a the most (well, actually 45 minutes), but it took her almost 3 hours! 

Dad had a platelet rich plasma therapy done on his knee. During that time mom had to follow grandparents back to Pahang to help them settle and we had to take care of dad. 

Oh and remember the delusional disorder?  Well it turns out hubby has HIV OCD stage two. More on this later yeah? 

Dad has to go for cataract operation on both his eyes soon. 

Ah how can I forget, mom was suspected to have a mild heart attack just two days ago. It was then diagnosed as an angina pectoris. Basically, it's a sign to getting a heart attack.

So overall, it hasn't been good at all. 2013 sucked. I am just tired of it all. I've hardly spent time at home in the recent months. What more take a seat back and just have some time to myself. Hmph!

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