Thursday, December 26, 2013

Of Xmas and New Year

I think since about three years ago, since we shifted into our own "home", we've been celebrating Xmas. Well, not that we do really celebrate the event, but what's not to like about Xmas? It's the most exciting and fun holiday! Plus it's the year end! You are all geared up to usher in the New Year. So Xmas is getting you ready for it with all the excitement... 

We have two different small Xmas trees. First time, we went with white and colorful lights. Second time around, we went with the typical green tree. Both years we both each other pressies. I don't even remember what were they. 

This year though, no Xmas mood at all. We were not even looking forward to anything. Xmas eve we had a doctor's appt. Got home on a bad note. Xmas day itself, which is today, we took a day trip to Pahang to visit grampz. So well, yeah, there goes the Christmasy spirit. 

Now, are we looking forward to the New Year? Hell yeah. 2014, please be good. Please God, I can't take another roller coaster ride. I'd rather just drop dead if that's gonna be the case. Literally. 

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