Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday - 2014

I turned 33 on Jan 10th. How do I feel? Errmmm probably because we have no kid, it doesn't make much difference on the age. It feels like how it has always been. I am still alive and nothing has changed since the last day of my 32. 

Anyway, I was reluctant to go anywhere with the hubs because of his OCD, but he had already booked. I wasn't looking forward to it all and he knew it. Well, I made it very clear. It of course hurt him to know that for the first time in almost 9 years of marriage, I am not looking forward to any getaway. 

Well, on the 10th itself, we took a drive to PD. Stayed at Avillion, which I shall  blog about later. Ain't going there again for sure. I did  nothing the whole day. Not even swim. Towards the evening, I finally broke down. Had a heart to heart talk with him. We enjoyed seafood dinner later on. Packed our bags the next day, and we checked out two hours earlier than the check out time. That was a first! 

Oh, he also bought us a slice of cake each from Starbucks & he actually lit a candle on mine. I was laughing all the way cuz I've not blown a candle for my birthday for a long time. I think the last was when we were at my brother's place, and they had got me a cake. Ahhh memories! 

The night before he asked me whether I'd like to extend another day of stay. We discussed and finally I said no, not worth it. I'd rather go back today and he too agreed that he would have a Sunday to just relax. The only thing I asked him is if we could take a drive to Mantin as I wanted us both to go to the Gurdwara there. That shall be in another post. 

So there goes, I am 33 years and 4 days old as I type this. A year older, a year closer to death.

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