Monday, January 6, 2014

Munarene Collectibles

Hubs and I were "jalan-jalan'ing" at Jaya 33 on one weekend sometime back, and we saw this really cute musical "boxes". It was also very unique. The couple who were selling it were kind enough to play one of it for us, and explained the details of the musical "box" was. Of course I told them, no obligations right? Haha I knew I wouldn't be buying any, so I didn't want them to show it to me with hopes I would purchase it. 

Now the reason I used the inverted commas on "box" because it really isn't your ordinary looking musical box. Take a look at some of the photos below. I tried including their video but can't seem to save it. So check out their FB page if you are keen in getting a unique gift for someone :) 

A miniature animated scene inside the decorated "matchbox".
Plays one wind up song once the box is opened.

Melody wheel

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