Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shortcut to losing weight

Well, it's definitely not the right way, but it helps curb my hunger pangs, and that's very important to me. I am about to reveal the "twist" as promised! 

I have heard many brands and medicines used for weight loss. I have even tried Xenical 120mg. But apart from taking out the oil in me, it didn't really help me to lose weight nor curb my hunger pangs. Doctor prescribed me Glucophage / Metformin 500mg, supposedly to curb my hunger, but that didn't help either. My cousin sister who is a doctor, explained that stress, and my hormones cortisol and norepinephrine is making me crave for food especially carbs and other comfort foods. 

Now this product that I am trying, I started it on Jan 4th, had a two day break on Jan 10th & 11th, and got back on it after our PD trip. I was 75.6kg on the morning of Day 1, and I am 71.4kg this morning. What does it do? It suppresses your hunger. For someone like me, that is almost impossible, but to my amazement, with this product, it's possible! Another thing to add is that the measurement of my flabby arms (which I call the chicken wing), has reduced from 13.4" to 11.5". Also, I can almost pull up my Levi's jeans right up to my waist but of course I can't buckle it yet. Before this, it wouldn't pass above the knee because it was bought when I was at my lowest weight after IVF/ICSI i.e. 61.7kg.

I take this product, which is a juice actually - once every morning between 6am to 7.30am. Let me give you an example, I took it this morning, been drinking lotsa water, I think up to this moment, would have been approximately 2.5 litres, and all I have eaten so far is Milo O with 2 tablespoons of oats. As I am typing this, it's 9pm and only now I am feeling a l'il hungry. And when I do eat, I ensure I eat healthy food. Preferably some vegetables, yogurt and probably a fruit.

If you search online, people do eat normal food and still they lose weight, but I am doing a 500 calorie diet at the same time. I know, crazy right? But hey, whatever helps no? I am not in starvation mode. Please remember that you should not go without food at all. Your body still needs some food. If I am hungry even at 1am, I wake up and have a slice of bread. Oh and also, every night, I drink hot milk, with cinnamon and honey (a tiny bit okay?). Since I have a sweet tooth, that solves the craving for something sweet. 

So, ready for the product reveal? 

Drum roll...........

Yeap yeap, I just had to take a photo with my 1.9L water bottle which we bought just before I started taking U-Trim (or also known as Ultra Trim). 

I need to add one more thing though, my waist is still the same. I guess that's the hardest part :( Or probably I just need to include some exercise in it eh?

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  1. hello there! wow that's a lot of reduction there! i know that garcinia is good to help weight loss. and its natural to. way to go dear!

    1. Hello! I hope to start exercising too so that I can ensure there will not be any yo-yo effect :( Thank you!

  2. Hey!!Thats great loss.Could you please let me know where can i get this product?

    1. Hi Manju, you can purchase it at :)

  3. wow!!!! seriously??? i nak jugak la.... huhuhuhuhu....

    1. Betul2 serious! Heheh no exercise tau.... you can browse :)


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