Thursday, March 20, 2014

I was beginning to....

Well hello hello.... After almost two weeks, here I am. Just when I was beginning to get into a routine of my daily chores, my freelance work, my responsibilities, which (un)fortunately are so very many - my mom injured her shoulder and long story short, is going in for a surgery next month. Well, talk about wearing so many hats eh? 

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It was at the beginning too overwhelming. I went like, really? I thought during NanaJi's time I was like a headless chicken. But I guess I was wrong. I'm back to being a caretaker and do everything else that I am suppose to do. I am trying to be calm about it now. I know I got to do it, so no point getting all tensed and giving in to my body who may be screaming, hey woman, take a break will ya? 

Well, I am giving myself a break by writing now :)

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Amazingly, I have no time despite not working full time now. Yes, literally no time. If I am not in my home, or at my parents, then I am on the road. Point to note, I dislike driving in the hot bloody heat and in traffic jams. It took me once 1 hour just from my parents to my place, which is usually 15 - 20 minutes! 

All said and done, I am sure NanaJi will get me through this. No?


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