Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Hero

Today is my brother's birthday. (Oh wait, now that I have finished this post, it's already the next day!). I decided to write about him, for him. Here's a little something to start with: 

Because of you, I exist
Because of how you are
I am the luckiest sister around
Hope you have a blessed birthday, is my wish
and may you always be in good health,
love, happiness, success and
never a day for you to frown

So yes, because of him I exist. You see, my mom had difficulties conceiving even my brother, what more me? He one day asked our mom, why his other cousins had siblings and he had no one to play with. So my mom told him why don't you pray and ask for one. And so he did. Lo and behold, after 5 years I popped out. It must have been his biggest nightmare most times I'm sure! 

I was close to him when we were younger but I also remember fighting a lot. There was once, I saw a small table toy fan, or whatever you call it, and when I knew he had one, I got angry with my mom for buying him and not me one. Oh God, that was so lame, but you know how kids are right?

He taught me how to play badminton and we used to play at the lane next to our house in Johor. I remember when there were burglars who were at the rooftop, he bravely held a parang (if my memory serves me right), just in case they managed to come in. Me? My first reaction was to go under his study table. 

When my parents went abroad to work, we followed too. But when my brother realized he would rather continue his secondary school in Malaysia, I insisted that I come back too. "If he is going, I am going back too". 

He was the person I went to when I got my period in primary 5. Yeap, my brother. He was taking a nap, and I went to him and told him I am bleeding and I have something grandma said as "period". He took out his Biology book, flipped through, and gave me to read. 

On my 16th birthday, he bought me a portable CD player. Back then, it was a big thing. He took me to watch my first movie in the cinema, Khal Nayak. I don't remember going with my parents, but I remember my brother taking me. He even took me to KL Tower because I kept telling him I want to see what it is. Ahh you know, the eager kampung girl. He would call me almost everyday, just to ask how I am. 

As I grew into a teenager, I became more distant. Our relationship began to fade. There was even a point, I didn't even speak to him. Anyway, it is thanks to my SIL, that my relationship with my brother grew again. And today, I cannot express in words how proud I am of him.

When NanaJi passed away, the love, the care, the concern that he showed me, I was just blown away. Just the way he gave me a hug expressed his love for his sister. I am forever in debt for what he has done for me. 

He worked really hard to get to where he is today. I can say that he worked from ground below and found his way up through many challenges, obstacles and hardship. He is even a Masters holder today. That too, he obtained when he was married with two kids! 

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He is the son every parent will want, a brother every sister would wish for, a husband every wife would dream to have, a father every child will be proud of. He is my hero. 

Yes, I am proud to be his sister. I know I don't reach up to him in any way, but I would give him my life in a blink of an eye. 

Oh did I mention, he is a man of few words. Nevertheless, I love him to bits! 


  1. Working late in the office alone and reading this made me cry. I used to be really close to my older brother who is 2 years my senior. We still live under the same roof with my parents but in the span of 6 months we only say less than 5 words to each other. Words, not sentences. Thinking about it makes my heart break. I often find myself praying that this is just a phase and things will go back to they way they were. It's not even that we don't get along, we just drifted apart. Just wanted to let you know that reading this warmed my heart. Have a nice day and wishing you lots and lots of happiness.

    1. Hi Mel. I am sorry this post made you cry. I can understand what you mean by "drifted apart". I hope that your relationship with your brother will be back to how it was, or even better. I didn't speak to my brother for some years I think. Looking back, I didn't know how that happened. Take care and here's wishing you a great weekend ahead. May you always be surrounded with love and happiness. Hugs!


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