Saturday, April 26, 2014

Road Trip Continued - Pulai Springs, Johor

As we continued our journey towards Johor, we did a booking through their website for their crazy deal - RM190 per night for a studio room with breakfast for two. We decided to find a resort to sit back and relax. No sight seeing etc, instead just go somewhere we have never been and relax. 

Oh, and we were running super low on fuel. We had to get off the highway, detour to Kulai, and from there find our way to get back on track. 

When we arrived, hubs wanted to surprise me by upgrading our room. Which of course when I found out, I made such a big fuss over it and poor guy just took it all in and even tried to change whatever was already done. I then just told him, forget it, what's done is done. 

We were taken into our room by a buggy as our room was at a different part of the resort - The Anugraha Boutique Hotel. Let the photos do justice I suppose :) And of course I apologized to hubs for being so jumpy when his intentions were nothing but good. 

We ate, slept, swam, ate, walked around - wait, did I mention the eating part again? Lol

Promoting Legoland - This was at their reception

Let me correct you there - that's MY plate. Not hubs. Hahah 
Ini pun nak ambil gambar!

Yes, we really ate during this road trip!
This little feline decided to keep us company

Breakfast - 2nd day. Yes, can you see clearly the Dettol wipes
Just to show the difference between my coffee and hubs

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road Trip - Where to next?

While at Starbucks in Genting on the day we were going to check out, we were brainstorming as to where to go next. A few places popped up. Lumut, Damai Laut, Pangkor, Penang, Melaka, Kuantan and Port Dickson. Finally we narrowed down to Lumut with the chances of going to Pangkor and Kuantan. We chose Kuantan. 

As we were coming down from Genting, just before the check point, we stopped at the side and yes, we changed our destination. We decided let's drive down to Johor! Talk about being spontaneous eh? We were laughing away as we continued our journey. 

We of course had to come back to Gombak toll and from there we headed straight towards Johor. Thanks to Google Maps, we found our way through KL and straight to the north south highway. We stopped at Petronas in Bangi and I had my fix of Cha Time (which was introduced to me by the bestie). 

The road trip chapter continues.... 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Road Trip - Genting Highlands

We started our road trip with Genting Highlands. As a couple, we've never been here together. Of course it would have been way better if the outdoor theme park was up and running, but nevertheless, it was a good one. We decided that we shall do things that we've not done before. So Genting was on the list. We arrived in the evening, and we drove around getting the hang of the roads. We finally parked at P4 open car park and walked to Genting Grand. Alas, fully booked. We also wanted to try out Maxims, but it's only for members. Finally I told the hubby, it's only for a night and that too, we just need it to shower and sleep. So he agreed to First World. He wanted to book a bigger room, I think it was their Superior Deluxe but I managed to persuade him to go for their standard, boxed room.

There wasn't really much to do, so we just walked around a lot. Basically we walked the whole of Genting and had Starbucks coffee a few times. We enjoyed the cold weather but it wasn't cold enough for us to wear any cardigan / sweater. I was fine with my thin material short sleeved t-shirts.

Food overall was way over priced. Just for a Thai style fried rice was RM14.50! Nothing to shout about the taste and presentation either.

Here are some photos:

Our first food stop. Too hungry to look around for anything else.
Hubby having some fun! Was so nice to see him just letting loose.
Coaxed him to play another one
First time I played a game too!
Can't get enough of the sky

We went aboard the train. Nothing like the real deal, but all in good fun

My current fav: Macchiato. As for hubby, no points for guessing: Americano

This gave me an idea for our home. Lol

The over priced Thai fried rice.
Hubby's mixed rice costed RM26!

First World's kiosks for check in and check out

By the way, if anyone of you or you know someone who is going up to Genting before the 30th of April, we have a Starbucks voucher to giveaway. It's Free. No catch. We got it when we purchased our drinks but it can only be redeemed at the Starbucks that's newly opened near Esso on the way up. 


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