Sunday, April 13, 2014


Yes, in some ways, I think blogging helps me. I let it all out here, and all the more it's easy for me to say exactly how I feel - since I am anonymous. Well, yes, except for the few of you who know personally. But still, it's the best platform to just speak my mind and my heart. And sometimes my soul. I am grateful to those of you who follow my blog - for your care, your concern, your support, and how you share in my happy moments, but never leave me in my sad moments. You write to me asking if I am ok if I don't blog for a while. Thank you. 

So back to the topic, I have always enjoyed writing. I remember many years ago, I think I was still in primary school or was it secondary, I wrote 'my life story' and gave it to my yet to be SIL to go through it. I honestly have no idea why, but just wanted to write and show it someone. I think at that point of life I was in that mode of “Before you judge me , try hard to love me , look within your heart then ask  - have you seen my childhood ?” Yes, by MJ the legend. I was still so young, and that's the way I used to think. 

So, if you like writing, blogging is one way to help you release your inner true self :)

Do you follow any of the bloggers below? If you do, then you may want to try to participate in this, as you stand a chance to drive with them in the new Ford Fiesta. #Fiesta

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