Saturday, April 5, 2014

Project Don't Judge

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We all judge. We sometimes just don't admit that we do. We tell others not to and we know when we are doing it, is wrong, but yet, we judge. Human nature? Or is it that it has been passed down generations after generations? 

We judge every single thing that passes our ears and eyes. Yes, we do. We see someone dressed up in a certain way, we judge. Passing a remark is equivalent to judging. We even judge what cars other people drive, what phones they have and the list can just go on. There is no end to us judging. Just as how we do it to others, we are being judged as well. 

How do we put a stop to this? To monitor our thoughts is no easy task. We have gazillion thoughts going on in our heads. But how if we start small? Start from home? Probably start with not judging your spouse? For me, I think I could start with not judging my mother in law. Oh just as I wrote the word mother in law, my devilish part is laughing its head off right now and going yeah right?! 

So you see, it's not easy. Yes I judge. But after reading the post by Balveen, I am trying to be more conscious. Who are we to judge anyone? That's HIS territory. 

*Oh, my devilish self is still laughing!  :p

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  1. TM, i think everyone judge everyone. It would be the first thing that come to mind when we see something that is difference from us. The only thing that make it different is whether we act upon our judgement i.e make the other person/ others knows our judgement, or we keep our mouth shut and remember that all human being are difference.

    1. That's so true. I think I for one, have to constantly remind myself that everyone will do everything differently.


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