Saturday, April 26, 2014

Road Trip Continued - Pulai Springs, Johor

As we continued our journey towards Johor, we did a booking through their website for their crazy deal - RM190 per night for a studio room with breakfast for two. We decided to find a resort to sit back and relax. No sight seeing etc, instead just go somewhere we have never been and relax. 

Oh, and we were running super low on fuel. We had to get off the highway, detour to Kulai, and from there find our way to get back on track. 

When we arrived, hubs wanted to surprise me by upgrading our room. Which of course when I found out, I made such a big fuss over it and poor guy just took it all in and even tried to change whatever was already done. I then just told him, forget it, what's done is done. 

We were taken into our room by a buggy as our room was at a different part of the resort - The Anugraha Boutique Hotel. Let the photos do justice I suppose :) And of course I apologized to hubs for being so jumpy when his intentions were nothing but good. 

We ate, slept, swam, ate, walked around - wait, did I mention the eating part again? Lol

Promoting Legoland - This was at their reception

Let me correct you there - that's MY plate. Not hubs. Hahah 
Ini pun nak ambil gambar!

Yes, we really ate during this road trip!
This little feline decided to keep us company

Breakfast - 2nd day. Yes, can you see clearly the Dettol wipes
Just to show the difference between my coffee and hubs


  1. The room looks huge! Must at least spend a night there. And surely there are lots of place to makan there in johor. I just love johor foods.

    1. Indeed it was huge!! But it's worth a visit. It's away from everything. Memang a lot of makan place, but we didn't really explore Johor food. Maybe next time!

  2. i've been there TM. Secluded area, very peaceful place... the koi pond looks better than the last time i was there...

    1. True, very peaceful with lots of greenery. Ahh ok, that's good to know that it hasn't deteriorated over time, but instead, it looks better :)


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