Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stay at home Wife

Ah yes, I am not a stay at home mom, but a stay at home wife. Since 13th Nov 2013, I have been doing just that. Stay at home. Well, of course, I hadn't started focusing on any plan, as all of you know of NanaJi's passing away. I was almost, just almost getting to a routine, when mom injured her shoulder. So there was never really a time for me to sit and plan and concentrate on my own thing.

I did have a pending freelance job, but that job never came around to a start. My bestie on the other hand, offered me an opportunity to freelance for her newly set-up enterprise. I even got my first paycheck for March! Well, I felt that being paid half was fair since I was busy with my mom and couldn't really do much. But nevertheless, freelancing gives me the opportunity to still pursue my dream, and yet be there for those who need me. As for my business, I never got around to promoting it much, so it's still floating about. Hehe

Here's from where I am writing this: (It's my first time)
The biggest supporter of mine is my husband. Despite not working, he can tell me one afternoon to just sit back, have a cuppa, and relax! And there he is, goes to work in the morning, and only comes home by 7pm. And yet he can tell his stay at home wife, to sit back & relax. Yes yes, I am one lucky woman. I know that already :))

Oh by the way, check this out:


  1. Hahah nice!!! :) i like your new "office"!!!

  2. I wish I could just work from home...

    1. I know - that's how i used to feel. But trust me, it's not always as cool or the grass is not necessary greener on this side of the equation. Well, perhaps one day you might be able to :)

    2. I agree with you that the grass isn't necessarily greener on either side of the fence.
      I've had it both ways and to be honest, I find it harder to work from home. I've found it emotionally more taxing to be in a space that is, in my mind, meant to be a sanctuary from work. It does help if you have a formal office setup within the home.
      One of the major issues about working from home was that I was getting more and more inclined to 'go to work' in my pyjamas lol

    3. SG, I know what u mean by emotionally taxing. For me it's even mentally. But I've yet to get into a routine. Probably then it might help me a bit.

      Ahh yes - very much inclined to be in pyjamas!

  3. wish to do freelance 'anything' as well. stay at home and still got paycheck. hehe. all the best dear!

    1. Thank you Azura. As for me, it's been possible because of my husband. If it wasn't for him, I would still be working.


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