Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Someone shared with me an ebook that she had. I don't even know this lady, but yet, she was more than happy to share it with me. I realized one thing, I have something similar to what's explained in the Episodic Acute Stress below.

I sensed something's been wrong with me when I began to wish every morning that I should have been dead. Everyday I wish that my heart just stops. Anyway, I will be seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow. So let's see what he will have to say. 

In the mean time, read on. Good information for all. 


A person who is already feeling stressed should first ask why he is experiencing this in the first place. This can lead one to discovering the different kinds of stress and which kind of stress is affecting him.

Acute stress - this is the most common type of stress. It can propel a person to achieving more however, too much of this kind of stress can already be taxing to a person and can lead to depression, headaches, and worse scenarios. This type of stress normally occurs in daily life and is easily cured.

Episodic acute stress - this type of stress is much like an unwelcome guest that has extended his stay for too long. A person who experiences this kind of stress is always on the go and always worried and in a rush. A person who accepts too many responsibilities and who may already be spreading himself too thin is under this kind of stress.

A person who is under this kind of stress is always irritable even when faced with a seemingly small problem. They can be characterized as tense people who will easily jump when startled. Worrywarts who are always pessimistic belong to this classification and are candidates for heart ailments. A person who suffers from this kind of stress should see a doctor and get long-term treatment.

Chronic stress - this is the type of stress that makes people very unhappy about their lives. People who are trapped in unhappy marriage, extreme poverty or unfulfilling work often suffer from chronic stress. A person who is faced with this type of stress may feel that life is hopeless and there is no chance he is ever going to get out of his messy situation.

Chronic stress can affect a person so much that he thinks of it as part of his daily life. This is the type of stress that kills people either due to heart attack, suicide or even violence. A person suffering from chronic stress should seek professional help.

A person can be so caught up with work or with his priorities in life that he fails to detect he is already experiencing stress. A person who is already stressed out can feel restless, as if someone is going to attack him anytime. His heart beats faster and he may sweat excessively. The symptoms of stress can sometimes be likened to excitement but do not mistake one for the other.

While everyday stress can be helpful in challenging a person to do more and to perform better, frequent stress can lead to psychological and physical breakdown. It can affect both the mental and physical capacity of a person to the point that he becomes debilitated. 

A person who works hard may start feeling constant headaches and back pains. Later on, he may already have trouble sleeping and feels his heart beating at a faster rate than normal. When this happens, it is important that the person concerned seek professional help immediately to minimize or even avoid stress and the negative effects.

Stress will always be present but the secret in surviving stress is how a person manages it. Some people allow stress to rule their lives. To avoid this, find out early on the factors that are causing stress and then find ways to reduce them.

If one cannot avoid stress attacks then maybe he can look for ways to manage and reduce stress by knowing its causes. A person who knows his enemy will have more strength and endurance to fight his battle.


  1. Here's a reminder that 'stressed' is 'dessert' spelt backwards and I always find that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ;)
    Take care of yourself and sweet dreams, dear!

    1. Hey there! I used to say that all the time! Well, when it's normal stress, or even depression (as we all humans have some level of it), it's easier to control. But when it gets clinical, it's a bit hard. I shall update how my appt goes with the doc. Who knows, it might just be a slight blip for me right now? Hehe why thank you! Hope you have sweet dreams too. Rest well! Hugs!


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