Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So, do you trust your mother? Your husband? Or whoever? For me, I trust a person, yes. But the moment that trust is broken, I will never ever trust you again. So my philosophy simple - I won't betray your trust because I won't like it if someone does it to me. Yes, yes, me and karma. But it's true - what goes around, comes around right? 

Anyway, I was safe keeping approximately RM24k for a family member. Mind you, a very immediate family member. The reason all that happened was because she may need to get something done and she would need access to that sort of cash. Best way - I have a credit card and a debit card, so since I am going to be the one doing all the running around, it's best I have the cash with me. 

Long story short, the cash wasn't needed in the end. So there was no need for that amount of cash to be "floating". Despite numerous attempts to get her account number so that I can do a transfer back to her account, I was told, it's ok, let it be for a while. We just may need it still. To top it off, she even told me, if I need the cash, I can use it first. I have no idea what makes her think I need twenty four thousand! And just last week, I insisted she gives me her account number. That too, I had to take her bank book and a snap shot of the first page. I started to do online transfers but I could only do RM7k a day. I had already done two days, left another RM10k. 

Now why am I telling you this lengthy story and what does it have to do with trust? She started talking behind my back and saying how worried she is for her money, what if I use it, or if my husband has an evil mind and asks me to use the money. Excuse me, that would be STEALING. If I want to make money the easy way, I can always dupe so many people. We all have an evil mind. We can utilize it if we want to. 

So today, I went to the bank, did an over the counter interbank transfer to her account for the total balance ie. RM10k. Low and behold, she can still message me and say that I didn't have to. Huh? Really? 

So, if you don't trust someone from the beginning, then don't trust that person at all. But don't go behind that person's back and bitch. News travel very fast these days. 

From that day onwards, I told myself - no more being the good Samaritan when it comes to money. Even if it is a mere RM1. Trust is very important to me. But when people think I can't be trusted but they show on the in front that they so don't care if I continue to safe keep their money, then go fuck yourself. It hurts even more when this person is someone your own and you've always been there for them. 

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  1. some people do have odd mind kan?

    1. Tu la pasal. Geram sangat, so I had to just let it out here! :)


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