Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road Trip - Where to next?

While at Starbucks in Genting on the day we were going to check out, we were brainstorming as to where to go next. A few places popped up. Lumut, Damai Laut, Pangkor, Penang, Melaka, Kuantan and Port Dickson. Finally we narrowed down to Lumut with the chances of going to Pangkor and Kuantan. We chose Kuantan. 

As we were coming down from Genting, just before the check point, we stopped at the side and yes, we changed our destination. We decided let's drive down to Johor! Talk about being spontaneous eh? We were laughing away as we continued our journey. 

We of course had to come back to Gombak toll and from there we headed straight towards Johor. Thanks to Google Maps, we found our way through KL and straight to the north south highway. We stopped at Petronas in Bangi and I had my fix of Cha Time (which was introduced to me by the bestie). 

The road trip chapter continues.... 


  1. nice kan.. terjah je and enjoy the journey... pi mana TM kat Johor?

    1. Heheh yeah, it was a first and good experience. Ahhh next post will be about Johor pulak :)


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