Friday, May 23, 2014

Mesothelioma Cancer Awareness

I was approached by Heather via email asking if I'd share with my readers on the above. I replied to her and said why not? It's the month of National Cancer Research.  

NanaJi had cancer too. It doesn't matter what type of cancer you have, cancer is cancer. So let's spread the word together. I watched a movie a few weeks back, Jai Ho and the highlight of it is a chain system that works on the concept that everyone should help three people and should ask them to help three more people and so on. 

Our blogs reach out to many - we all have our own group of readers. So imagine if one blogs about it, then the other does it, and for all you know, there might be someone out there with this rare cancer. Can you imagine what the information can do for her/him? 

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