Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Non stop appointments

Ahh what can I say, the hospital appointments is back to back again. From my mom to my dad. When I think that ahhh June onwards there won't be many appointments, mom's op gets postponed one month after another. Now it's in July. Dad on the other hand, has gone into the super low moods of depression and he can't come out of it. So the only option is Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). We took him to our psychiatrist and when we went to see him the second time, he arranged for ECT to be done at Selayang Hospital. 

So basically these two weeks Selayang Hospital would be an every other day visit. Sigh..

Seriously I am on "standby" for them. My days depend on their schedule. 


  1. HI there.

    Hope everything goes well with your parents. This is the time where we as children has to be there for them kan. You hang in there sis. Gotta stay strong for them.

    1. Hi Arena, thanks for your well wishes. Yeah la, it's true, we got to be there when they are in need. Tapi kadang2 it gets too tiring for me - non stop since 2013. But like you say - gotta stay strong... Thank you again!


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