Thursday, October 2, 2014

An online friend who became a real life friend

Have you ever thought that someone you know online, will end up becoming a real life friend? Well, I am so glad to have found a true friend in the wonderful soul behind The Missus Blogs. We met for the first time about a month before she was going to go off to Australia. What timing we thought, but nevertheless we were glad we met. Finally! It was so nice to be able to sit and talk and share stuff which we knew about each other, but yet, it's not the same when we talk about it. 

Yes, hubs and I did meet her briefly (the real first time) when her dad passed away. There was just something in me that told me I must pay my first and last respect. Probably I lost NanaJi and I knew exactly how she felt. The closeness she had with her dad. I remember my bestie and her mom came to pay their first and last respect to NanaJi in his own home, and it meant something to me. 

We met another time for lunch before she left, and I wished we had met sooner. I wished now that we could have some girls time out. Yes yes, especially now that I have done NLP, I am so different towards meeting up, chatting, keeping in touch! 

And I cannot forget, both times we met, she gave me so many gifts! She just knew what I would use and will begin to use... Yes, yes, if you are reading this, I am using the make up remover too! I have started wearing makeup! Haha

As I type this, I can smell the shampoo scent lingering in my hair! Ahhh fresh! 

Thank you babe, for being a friend. And thank you for all the gifts again!! :) 

Next when we meet, we have to take photo(s)!!


  1. WOW babe, I cannot believe you did an entire blog post dedicated to me!! And yes I echo your thoughts - only wish we could have met up earlier and squeezed in more girl time/hang outs coz I think we get along REALLY well :) And thank you for being there for me when my dad passed away, appreciate it. As for the gifts, hey those are just small stuff only but I'm glad you love em. I love all the gifts you got me too, heck I even brought em all to Australia and I think of you every time I see the magnets on the fridge, hehe. Can't wait to see you again when I'm back and yes we will def take a photo for sure!

    1. Yes yes I did!! You deserve it! I can't wait to meet you again too. Come back for a holiday soon!! :)


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