Saturday, October 4, 2014

I AM beautiful

I have never said those words to myself. Never. Never said I am beautiful. I hated the mirror. Only until and after NLP, I looked at myself in the mirror. Really looked. And the person that I saw, isn't bad at all. 

I remember during class, we came to the topic of limiting beliefs. Oh I had so many! I volunteered to be the "client" on the "change chair" (The trainer gave the name of the chair next to her when doing demo on processes the "change chair"). When she asked me what was my limiting belief - I said I am not beautiful. Everyone in the class went "What?", "Are you crazy?", "For real *my name*?".... Haha And so I went up to the chair with my limiting belief... and when I came down back to my seat, I was smiling from ear to ear. Wow, the feeling of that disgusting, not nice to look at, all gone. The weight of it, just lifted and flew away. 

The next morning, I looked at the mirror. I actually looked at the person staring back at me. The next few days, I looked a little longer. Examining that person. And on the last day of my NLP, I smiled looking at that person, and told myself, I am beautiful. I took a selfie, and I just kept smiling. No filter used, just me. 

And here the old me used to let others define my beauty. Define how I think I look.
Everyone is beautiful. If you see beauty in you, you will see beauty in everyone and everything else. Well, that is if your conscious and unconscious mind is in harmony of course!

And on that note, I leave you with an awesome speech by Dananjaya H. "I see something in you".... 

Yes, I see something in you. Yes you. I see a beautiful soul inside.

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