Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The question is why?

My thoughts here may be very provoking... but really, the question is why. 

We have been brought up with the thinking that we are not allowed to celebrate any festivities for 1 year from the day someone passes away. I have never really observed such things probably because I never had anyone so close to me passing away. So when NanaJi passed away, the automatic response I give people when they ask if I am celebrating so and so, is “no”. 

I did a quick search on the net for such tradition / custom / law, yes, there are religions that have strict rules to abide by. But almost in all my readings, it states that it’s to give time to the family to grief. 

But having overcome my grief, I am beginning to question this bereavement custom / tradition. If we are not suppose to celebrate anything, then I was wrong to celebrate my graduation from NLP, I am wrong to be happy, I was wrong to transform myself into the v 2.0 that I am now, I was wrong to invite friends over, I was wrong to go out for dinners/lunches and meet up with friends, I was wrong in a lot of things that I did once I came out of my grief. 

Then I ask myself has NanaJi ever not go to the Gurdwara during festive days because someone has passed away? No, I don’t remember. I only remember he is always there, in the Gurdwara. That was his way of celebrating any occasion; spending time in HIS home on earth. Well now I am sure he is having a gala time in HIS real home in heavens above!

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