Saturday, November 28, 2015

A child defined marriage a norm

I visited my cousin this morning. She gave birth to this lovely bundle of joy, an heir to their thrown, the handsome nephew of mine. It was simply a joy that you can only get from a newborn. Amazing. So blessed we are to have family and friends who let us in into their intimate journey of parenthood. Like I said, amazing indeed.

As I sit here now getting some work done since my appointment got postponed just as I walked in to the venue it was suppose to be held, I am thinking. I am thinking that does a child define a marriage? I have been married for 10 years and counting, childless; by choice at some point in our journey; so are we incomplete? Why is it so important to have a child? Why look down at a couple who don't? Oh c'mon, some of you do so! 

I am not sure how will we be when and if we become parents. The first few months or probably even a year or so, I am sure that it will be all about the child. But at some point, will I stop to think that what matters and mattered is us? The two of us? Will I be more of a mother and forget that I am also a woman first, and a wife most importantly? Will I put my husband second and me last?

Well, I sure hope not. I hope to get reminders from people I love that hello, you are being a bit too much! I sure don't want to be like my parents. Who now, have nothing in common. They only bicker too much, worry too much, fight too much, tired too much, negative too much.

God bless me. I hope what I am hoping for won't bite me back in the ass. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tried & Tested | Miacare Acne Patch

So, I was given the chance to review the above. This may sound crazy, but I waited for a breakout and I guess I attracted not one, but three; one after the other! Urrgghh

So I applied the patch as per instruction on a disgusting yellowish puss acne. I used the Acne Patch for Day. I applied in the morning and late evening, I removed it. The puss came out on the patch and that's it. Easy as ABC. Best of all, there was no marks on my face. If it has still persisted, I would have continued with the Acne Patch for Night, but I didn't need to.

Check out their FB at


Saturday, November 14, 2015

My take on 11Street

Just realized this post was in Draft! Publishing it nevertheless!

I blog. I shop. Online. 

That sums it up doesn't it? Well, to elaborate, I blog, pretty obvious innit? I shop, yes, now I shop. I am a prudent and most times, a stingy thrifty shopper. Hubs was the one who came across 11street and we did our very first purchase two days ago. We bought solar powered garden lights at an extremely good discount. RM129.90 for 2 lights and 1 solar panel. Free delivery. In two days upon purchase, I signed for it and got the item via Pos Laju. 

 1st thing I noticed - very good packaging

Double bubble wrap yo!
The items, also in bubble wrap

Overall, I give 11street 10/10

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Huh? Where did my October go?

Can someone please tell me, where did my October go? 
I felt it just came and went - just like a cookie commercial!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mid Autumn Festival

Now the only thing I relate to this festival is MOON CAKES! Yes, I love to eat moon cakes. And for some reason I like a very specific brand, i.e. Tai Thong. As I type this I am imagining what would my parents reaction be like if they knew I eat a particular brand of moon cakes because they buy the ones available in the market or shops all year round - 5 in a pack that costs nothing more than RM10. Whereas mine costs more than that just for a piece! I just ate my last bit of the red bean paste moon cake that we bought yesterday night. I couldn't get hold of my other favorite, the white lotus paste. I only could find the ones with the yolk and I dislike it! 

Well any moon cake with the yolk is a no no for me. 

An ex colleague of mine makes moon cakes and I have asked her to shed some light on the how tos. So who knows eh, my own moon cakes next time maybe? 

Wishing everyone celebrating a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices

Hubby loves to drink juices. I mean really LOVE. He used to buy Peel Fresh, then switched to Minute Maid, then Tropicana, and moved on to Ceres. During my NLP, I met a beautiful lady by the name of Nicole, who turned out to own Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices Malaysia. It took me almost a year to finally try their juices. I was hunting for it at Cold Storage in Jaya Shopping Centre, and then at Jaya Grocer at Jaya 33, but failed to get my hands on any. I mentioned it to her and a couple of weeks later she informs me that there is a promotion going on and comes with free delivery too! So I immediately said yes and surprised the hubs with 3 types pf flavors - Apple, Orange and Apple & Pear. It came in a carton of 6, so I got 2 of each. 

The packaging itself is great. The bottle is not the flimsy type. It is hard and almost like a BPA free bottle (but it isn't okay?!). Our first flavor we tried was the Apple. We were in disbelief with the first sip! I mean, like seriously, the juice tasted like I just juiced apples for real. When all I did was pour from a bottle! 

I no longer have any concerns with hubs drinking juices from a bottle - well only Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices bottles that is. Other juices claim to have no added sugar, but I have always been doubtful. 

Check out their Facebook Page and/or their website

This is not an advertorial. I paid for the carton of juices :) 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hide No More. Be Skin Confident with Bio-Oil

Have you got cracked heels? Like really horrible ones that sometimes to step out of the house, you feel embarrassed to wear open shoes? What's the point of sexy heels when you have cracked heels eh? Lately, the dryness around my feet was getting worse. Even when I went for my mani pedi, my trusted nail tech kept telling me that I need to apply cream every single day, preferably twice a day. 

I did start. But nothing seemed to work that great. Lo and behold, on August 12th, I got an email invite to review Bio-Oil. The very next day, I received my package. I was honest and told the PR agent that I will only review after I have used the product myself for at least a month. Hey, honesty is the best policy right? Now if their product is so good, then that would not be a problem. 

A complimentary travel mirror came in the package!

I decided to try it on my cracked heels. First of all, the scent. Yes, the scent is heavenly. I love how it is not too strong but just nice to get a whiff. Now where does this scent comes from? Its formulation consists of vitamins A & E, and natural plant oils – Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary and Chamomile. I would say it is almost similar to baby oil. 

Now the consistency of this oil is light and non-greasy. As you apply it and rub on to your skin, instantly the skin is moisturized. I just applied some on to my fingertips and rubbed on my hand, and I am typing again. Now you would think my keyboard would have all those print marks right? Well, na uh, there isn't any. 

My cracked heels have improved slightly. That is if I am diligent enough to apply Bio-Oil twice daily for at least a week. Plus according to Bio-Oil themselves, for best results with Bio-Oil: Massage onto the skin twice daily for a minimum of 3 months.

I also tried this oil on my face. You know some days I am just plain lazy to go through the process of toning, then applying eye cream, serum, moisturizer, sun block. I just apply Bio-Oil after I tone my face. And voila! Instantly moisturized and my skin isn't oily instead my skin looks brightened! 

I have tried it on my hair ends as well. After towel drying your hair, without prior using any conditioner, just rub some Bio-Oil on your palms and apply to your hair ends. 

I suppose Bi-Oil can be your best travel mate if you do decide to travel light. 

Best to apply Bio-Oil after you shower. Well, any oil or moisturizer for that matter. 

Oh by the way, it is also long lasting. It's been a month of me using it, and only half a bottle has gone. The price at Guardian for a 60ml bottle (which was sent to me for review) is RM34.75. I think it is very reasonable since Bio-Oil is versatile. 

Here's something about Bio-Oil

ü  Won 238 awards globally since its launch in 2002

ü  Number 1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 20 countries (including Malaysia)
ü  Available in 91 countries
ü  Contains vitamins A & E, natural plant oils and the breakthrough PurCellin OilTM

Hide No More, #BeSkinConfident with #BioOilMy

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My first experience in *drum roll* ....


34 years of breathing oxygen on earth

Woman inside out
Occasional gardener
Mother to a pet
In house chef
and probably other hats that I wear and can't think of right now... 

Anyway, the point is - I have never, ever, sewed something to mark it as a milestone! Ever. 
I mean, I must have sewn a button or two but that's about it I guess. 

So when the time came to shorten the curtains that we just purchased, instead of sending it to a tailor, I decided I would give it a try. After all, the mini sewing machine I purchased almost a year ago (or probably even longer) has been lying around like a white elephant! 

Armed with only a mini sewing machine, scissors and an iron
My sewing results

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We bought walking shoes for myself from Bata quite a while back. Yes, "Power"! Haha  I started following the hubs for an occasional walk around our housing area and I always had aching feet and especially my toe, hurts like hell.  Approximately a week plus ago, I decided to allow hubs to be my trainer for one month. So I gotta follow what he says in terms of eating habits and exercise. Yes, that word, e.x.e.r.c.i.s.e!

The first time I went to the gym (I am only using their treadmill for now), omigod! My feet were horribly painful. I told him if this is what I have to go through everyday, I shall think twice. Long story short, we got me a new pair of shoes. Specifically for running. And guess what? The pain disappeared! Yeap. Just gone!

So please get the right shoes before you begin your walks / jogs / runs. It makes a difference for real.

Ahhh waiting for my cheat day to enjoy Magnum Gold ice cream!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Daily gratitude

We have started something new as a couple. It's been 3 nights now (as of Tue as I write this post to be scheduled). We each have a mini notebook (555) and a pen next to our bedside table. Before we sleep, we take 5 minutes to write what we are grateful for for the day. Before we begun, we thought we might not have much to write since it is daily. But wow, were we in for a surprise. Every night our list seem to be growing. You will realize you have many things to be grateful for. Having to open your eyes every morning is something to be grateful for. We let our unconscious to think of what to write. For me, I just hold the pen, and not think consciously. And I begin to write. You see, consciously I have many things. The air we breathe, we have shelter, I have eyes to see, etc etc. So when I let my unconscious to think just for the day, then it picks up things I am grateful for for that day. 

Try it out. Remember, gratitude equals abundance. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


As I sit here accompanying my mom in the clinic, I decided to update my blog. 
Ahh long overdue. It's been over a month I think! Damn. Talk about being consistent eh? 
Well, the chaos has taken over. Or rather we allowed it to take over. *meh* 

So what's been happening? A lot of things. The husband tried his hands in a few ventures, and nothing really stuck. There was a lot of friction going on between us as well. We used to fight almost everyday. It became exhausting. To the extend I started to despise having him around. I'd rather go out and spend the day alone somewhere. Now being from a NLP Coach (more on this later), I knew something was not right. 

So one day, I decided to fight it out. I told him let's do his values. Let's see what is important to his unconscious. He of course had to ask me to do it for him. It's a coach thingy. We can only help if you ask. So after a while, he asked. And we did it. 

To my shock, his top three values were stability / security, love and happiness. 
That is values in general. Now let me tell you my values specifically for finances. It were happiness, love and right at number ten was security. 

So you see the huge gap there? No wonder we've been arguing. No wonder he couldn't take it me being so laid back and cool about both of us not having a permanent job. No wonder I couldn't fathom what was eating him day in day out. He chose to quit. No one put a gun to his head. Yes, what he planned out didn't work out so well, but to me, everyday is a gift, just pick yourself up again and move on. Finally it came to light. Of course there was still an event that I haven't gotten over. Despite numerous attempts. Anyway, this is for another post. 

The hubs has been offered a job. The office is just mere 10 min away compared to 2 to 3 hours drive before this esp during peak hours. We haven't informed anyone as he is yet to receive an offer letter. All talk and no black and white is something we've learned. So let's wait and see. 

Hubs is someone who needs structure and order. Otherwise, it's chaotic. Everything goes haywire. So now we know, hubs is not cut out for solely doing his own thing. He has to have structure, order which gives him the stability and security and all his own thing he is doing can be done on a part time basis. 

Life. Never stops surprising us. What a gift!

Cool yourself with just RM1 and at the same time, donate!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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We have always spoken that it would be damn cool to be working from home and owning our own business. When you want something, doesn't necessarily mean you will still want it when you get it. It was all great the first week or so, but then, 24/7 being with each other... is no joke. It took me some adjustments. I have a routine that I follow, the chores, the work etc. Now having hubs home, I chose to let those routine be gone. Which was obviously my doing. So now, we are slowly getting into a routine, together.  Hopefully in the next few days, we will be into a nice workable routine and our days won't be so chaotic anymore. It is not that we are busy all the time, it is just that our routines between each other were chaos. This made the days just go by us. Next thing we know, like now, it's already 5.45pm! 

Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos. - Stephen Sondheim

Monday, May 4, 2015

Words of "Wisdom"

A few days ago I was at my mother's. She got rather upset that her nephew is having another baby and I on the other hand, couldn't contain my joy. Mistake 1. 

I was so excited waiting for the birth of their baby and I went on blabbling about it. Mistake 2. 

My grandma then looked at me and said with folded hands, "I hope you will be blessed with a child soon". And in all seriousness, I said "Oh God, no please. I don't want a child. I am content and happy". Big Mistake No. 3. 

Then my mom asked how could I say such a thing. I replied "Ma, this is a choice I make. I used to want one badly, but look at what not we went through and furthermore after my NLP, I realized that was just what society wants out of me". Huge Mistake No. 4. 

Both the ladies to my dismay, started crying. My mom in between her sobs, said that I am depriving my husband from being a father and my mother in law from being a grandmother. I replied saying that's between us (husband and wife). None of anyone's business. Mistake No. 5.

She even mentioned about her niece who is also pregnant, just after a year of marriage. She admitted to having a pang of jealousy when her sister in law called to inform. I was a little taken aback. Jealous? Really? 

Anyway, she still didn't give up, and said that she wants a grandchild from me. She said she wants someone to call her Nani. I jokingly replied, "Oh, that's it? Sure, no problem, I will get my niece who now calls her Dadi, to call her Nani for a week!". Final mistake.

Then she said something that was painful at that point of time "You will never know the value of a mother only and until you become one". Ouch. 

Advance Happy Mother's Day to all women out there. 
We are all a mother in some ways, be it to our very own child, a niece, a nephew, 
to any child for that matter. We are born with motherly instincts. 
We just nurture the instincts and let it take charge when we carry a child.

Monday, March 23, 2015

What the world has come to

A conversation with my sister in law today led me to write this... 

I seriously can't believe how selfish and low people have become. People as in family and friends. How people talk about you behind your back and in front of you, they not only praise you, but put you on a throne. In return for what? They probably sleep in peace knowing that they have hurt the feelings of another. The more the hurt, the more peaceful the sleep. 

Since my NLP, I had decided to be more open and "out there" - with friends and family alike. We have been joining in the cousins get togethers, etc. Letting these people into our little bubble. Our own very private space. 

In the end what happened? We realized that our perception at the beginning of these people turned out to be true. They are not worth our time and energy and oh, money too. I personally realized that it was a mistake to let anyone in our little bubble. I took it as a learning experience. 

Today when this topic came up with my SIL, I just couldn't help but pour it out on my blog. 

About two weeks ago, I restricted almost 90% of the people on my Facebook. "A bold move" my husband said. But for some reason, I felt it was right. How these people tend to judge us just because we share. Seriously? So now, only Public posts can be viewed by them. Hah!

I couldn't believe my ears when an uncle commented that why we share where we go and that we are loaded with money because we travel! I almost wanted to throw my hot tea at his face! What the fuck man? I am sorry, did we ask any money from you?

And another person said in such a jealous tone that our photos together look happy. Huh? So we are supposed to be sad and miserable?

Oh and the best part was when I got to know from a cousin SIL that a distant aunt - who isn't related to me directly, and who isn't even in Peninsular Msia, can specifically call her sister, who is an aunt, just to announce that hubby and I are in Cameron Highlands for dinner! We are traveling and can spend so much money to go to CH for dinner?! Huh? Do they even know how we ended up in CH? But wait, why bother? People like these will just keep believing whatever they want to and honestly, I don't give a fuck anymore. 

Can we live without a social circle? Of course we can. All we need is a few good people in our lives. We have had enough experience to know who they are. My SIL and brother are definitely the first people. A handful of others who we have come to love. Surprisingly, they are not even immediate family or supposedly besties. 

To you people who sleep in peace by hurting others, intentionally or not, may karma hit you so bad, that the day you have to sleep for good, you will suffer so bad that even God may just close an eye upon you and may everyone you think who loves you, leaves you to die miserably alone. 

Ahhh, feels so good now! 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Remember my online friend who became a real friend? Well, you can read about her here. One of the many gifts she bestowed upon me is Batiste Dry Shampoo. This darn thing works like a charm. I love it. Yes, LOVE it! 

My hair is very soft & a bit too smooth. Well ya ya, I know, lots of girls love straight, soft, smooth hair  *yawn*  But you can't style it without using any spray. I for one, don't blow dry nor use any hair spray. So this little tin of charm does wonders if I need to style my hair. Oh, I also have very oily scalp. It is mandatory to wash my hair daily, sometimes twice a day. 

I had a *cough* photo shoot today. (Shall write about this when it appears in print). I needed to ensure my hair behaves, and I wanted to style it to have some volume. So although I was so itching to wash my hair, I didn't. Instead, about an hour before the shoot, I sprayed on Batiste and voila, my hair was indeed so well behaved. 

I give this product a 10/10  :) 

Friday, February 27, 2015

NLP & TLT Practitioner Programme

I did my NLP & TLT practitioner programme in September 2014 and it has been and still is the best decision I have ever made for myself. The oh so awesome coach is conducting another session beginning March 21st. You may find out more here

You may also go through the brochure attached. It may seem all too good to be true, but hello, I am a living testimonial. I used to wake up wishing I was dead every morning, and now I just embrace my days. (Well yes, I do love sleep ins still; occasionally that is!)

Use the code "JMTM" and you get RM200 off your fee! You may thank me later once you are done with the course, now go do yourself a favor, and register ASAP! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ahhh... Lost touch

I used to be very diligent when it comes to being a wife. Is diligent the right word? Yeah, I suppose it is. I used to be always on top when it comes to house chores. The home is ALWAYS clean. And I mean clean for real, not just surface clean. You open any cupboard of mine, you will find everything is neatly arranged and there's no dust to be seen. Laundry is always done promptly and clothes are always ironed.

I must have slowly stopped being this way since late 2013. The worst was when I was dealing with the news. For a week I just drifted. 

Anyway, today we made a decision to begin having home cooked meals again. To have a restart on our healthy lifestyle that we had embarked upon. Healthy lifestyle doesn't just count your food, but also, your home. If the home is dusty, dirty, messy, then that isn't good for the mind & soul! The hubs has given his word that it will be a team effort. No longer just me alone doing everything. He commented today that it is our home, not mine alone. So the responsibility is with the both of us. 

So here's to a restart! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Taking care of a preschooler

Today is the second time I am baby sitting my niece, a preschooler. The first time she came, I had planned out activities for her. This time around, I didn't, thinking that it will only be half day. Well, I should have. 

She is a very hyper kid and tends to lose focus easily on anything she is doing. I wouldn't label her as ADHD. She's just hyper. In NLP, we learn how to "break state" with a child who is either throwing tantrums or just doing a cry act to get attention, and today I applied that with her. She was taken aback and instead of continuing her tantrum, she just looked at me and asked what was I doing. And she forgot totally that she was throwing a tantrum (because she refused to take her afternoon nap). 

As she is now soundly sleeping, I stealthily came out of the room, and started finishing some work for a client's CNY FB posting. I just begun to wonder, what energy parents have. I doubt I have that amount of energy in me. Or probably the energy will come along just as when you become a parent. But still, I just can't help but wonder. 

To all parents out there, wow, hats off to you! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moving on

As some of you might have guessed, either right or wrong, I shall not write about it. But what I shall write about is, moving on from it. If you are wondering why I ain't sharing, since I have always been so very open, well, it is because I don't want to add salt to my very own wound. 

Image Source: Google
Moving on can be difficult. I have been having nightmares. I wake up in the middle of the night, if I ever get the privilege to sleep, thinking I've made a mistake by choosing to give a chance. It's been two weeks now since the day, and I am slowly letting go. I still have some anger, sadness and hurt buried in me, but that too I shall soon let go off. I can do it now, with NLP, but I am not ready to fully let go. 

Life goes on. No matter what happens to us. I am never the sort to resort to anything stupid or rash. Well, I used to be. But I guess NLP kept me strong. I remember my reaction when I was told, and the rage I was in and the next thing I knew, I had a beer in hand, downed it minutes, and I knew what was coming next. Denial, then Numb, then Acceptance, then Anger again.... and now, I am moving on.

Thank you all who wrote to me, and to some of you who know me, thank you for understanding that I needed to figure this out on my own. Love you all! 

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