Friday, February 27, 2015

NLP & TLT Practitioner Programme

I did my NLP & TLT practitioner programme in September 2014 and it has been and still is the best decision I have ever made for myself. The oh so awesome coach is conducting another session beginning March 21st. You may find out more here

You may also go through the brochure attached. It may seem all too good to be true, but hello, I am a living testimonial. I used to wake up wishing I was dead every morning, and now I just embrace my days. (Well yes, I do love sleep ins still; occasionally that is!)

Use the code "JMTM" and you get RM200 off your fee! You may thank me later once you are done with the course, now go do yourself a favor, and register ASAP! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ahhh... Lost touch

I used to be very diligent when it comes to being a wife. Is diligent the right word? Yeah, I suppose it is. I used to be always on top when it comes to house chores. The home is ALWAYS clean. And I mean clean for real, not just surface clean. You open any cupboard of mine, you will find everything is neatly arranged and there's no dust to be seen. Laundry is always done promptly and clothes are always ironed.

I must have slowly stopped being this way since late 2013. The worst was when I was dealing with the news. For a week I just drifted. 

Anyway, today we made a decision to begin having home cooked meals again. To have a restart on our healthy lifestyle that we had embarked upon. Healthy lifestyle doesn't just count your food, but also, your home. If the home is dusty, dirty, messy, then that isn't good for the mind & soul! The hubs has given his word that it will be a team effort. No longer just me alone doing everything. He commented today that it is our home, not mine alone. So the responsibility is with the both of us. 

So here's to a restart! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Taking care of a preschooler

Today is the second time I am baby sitting my niece, a preschooler. The first time she came, I had planned out activities for her. This time around, I didn't, thinking that it will only be half day. Well, I should have. 

She is a very hyper kid and tends to lose focus easily on anything she is doing. I wouldn't label her as ADHD. She's just hyper. In NLP, we learn how to "break state" with a child who is either throwing tantrums or just doing a cry act to get attention, and today I applied that with her. She was taken aback and instead of continuing her tantrum, she just looked at me and asked what was I doing. And she forgot totally that she was throwing a tantrum (because she refused to take her afternoon nap). 

As she is now soundly sleeping, I stealthily came out of the room, and started finishing some work for a client's CNY FB posting. I just begun to wonder, what energy parents have. I doubt I have that amount of energy in me. Or probably the energy will come along just as when you become a parent. But still, I just can't help but wonder. 

To all parents out there, wow, hats off to you! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moving on

As some of you might have guessed, either right or wrong, I shall not write about it. But what I shall write about is, moving on from it. If you are wondering why I ain't sharing, since I have always been so very open, well, it is because I don't want to add salt to my very own wound. 

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Moving on can be difficult. I have been having nightmares. I wake up in the middle of the night, if I ever get the privilege to sleep, thinking I've made a mistake by choosing to give a chance. It's been two weeks now since the day, and I am slowly letting go. I still have some anger, sadness and hurt buried in me, but that too I shall soon let go off. I can do it now, with NLP, but I am not ready to fully let go. 

Life goes on. No matter what happens to us. I am never the sort to resort to anything stupid or rash. Well, I used to be. But I guess NLP kept me strong. I remember my reaction when I was told, and the rage I was in and the next thing I knew, I had a beer in hand, downed it minutes, and I knew what was coming next. Denial, then Numb, then Acceptance, then Anger again.... and now, I am moving on.

Thank you all who wrote to me, and to some of you who know me, thank you for understanding that I needed to figure this out on my own. Love you all! 

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