Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ahhh... Lost touch

I used to be very diligent when it comes to being a wife. Is diligent the right word? Yeah, I suppose it is. I used to be always on top when it comes to house chores. The home is ALWAYS clean. And I mean clean for real, not just surface clean. You open any cupboard of mine, you will find everything is neatly arranged and there's no dust to be seen. Laundry is always done promptly and clothes are always ironed.

I must have slowly stopped being this way since late 2013. The worst was when I was dealing with the news. For a week I just drifted. 

Anyway, today we made a decision to begin having home cooked meals again. To have a restart on our healthy lifestyle that we had embarked upon. Healthy lifestyle doesn't just count your food, but also, your home. If the home is dusty, dirty, messy, then that isn't good for the mind & soul! The hubs has given his word that it will be a team effort. No longer just me alone doing everything. He commented today that it is our home, not mine alone. So the responsibility is with the both of us. 

So here's to a restart! 

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