Monday, May 4, 2015

Words of "Wisdom"

A few days ago I was at my mother's. She got rather upset that her nephew is having another baby and I on the other hand, couldn't contain my joy. Mistake 1. 

I was so excited waiting for the birth of their baby and I went on blabbling about it. Mistake 2. 

My grandma then looked at me and said with folded hands, "I hope you will be blessed with a child soon". And in all seriousness, I said "Oh God, no please. I don't want a child. I am content and happy". Big Mistake No. 3. 

Then my mom asked how could I say such a thing. I replied "Ma, this is a choice I make. I used to want one badly, but look at what not we went through and furthermore after my NLP, I realized that was just what society wants out of me". Huge Mistake No. 4. 

Both the ladies to my dismay, started crying. My mom in between her sobs, said that I am depriving my husband from being a father and my mother in law from being a grandmother. I replied saying that's between us (husband and wife). None of anyone's business. Mistake No. 5.

She even mentioned about her niece who is also pregnant, just after a year of marriage. She admitted to having a pang of jealousy when her sister in law called to inform. I was a little taken aback. Jealous? Really? 

Anyway, she still didn't give up, and said that she wants a grandchild from me. She said she wants someone to call her Nani. I jokingly replied, "Oh, that's it? Sure, no problem, I will get my niece who now calls her Dadi, to call her Nani for a week!". Final mistake.

Then she said something that was painful at that point of time "You will never know the value of a mother only and until you become one". Ouch. 

Advance Happy Mother's Day to all women out there. 
We are all a mother in some ways, be it to our very own child, a niece, a nephew, 
to any child for that matter. We are born with motherly instincts. 
We just nurture the instincts and let it take charge when we carry a child.

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