Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Daily gratitude

We have started something new as a couple. It's been 3 nights now (as of Tue as I write this post to be scheduled). We each have a mini notebook (555) and a pen next to our bedside table. Before we sleep, we take 5 minutes to write what we are grateful for for the day. Before we begun, we thought we might not have much to write since it is daily. But wow, were we in for a surprise. Every night our list seem to be growing. You will realize you have many things to be grateful for. Having to open your eyes every morning is something to be grateful for. We let our unconscious to think of what to write. For me, I just hold the pen, and not think consciously. And I begin to write. You see, consciously I have many things. The air we breathe, we have shelter, I have eyes to see, etc etc. So when I let my unconscious to think just for the day, then it picks up things I am grateful for for that day. 

Try it out. Remember, gratitude equals abundance. 

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