Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We bought walking shoes for myself from Bata quite a while back. Yes, "Power"! Haha  I started following the hubs for an occasional walk around our housing area and I always had aching feet and especially my toe, hurts like hell.  Approximately a week plus ago, I decided to allow hubs to be my trainer for one month. So I gotta follow what he says in terms of eating habits and exercise. Yes, that word, e.x.e.r.c.i.s.e!

The first time I went to the gym (I am only using their treadmill for now), omigod! My feet were horribly painful. I told him if this is what I have to go through everyday, I shall think twice. Long story short, we got me a new pair of shoes. Specifically for running. And guess what? The pain disappeared! Yeap. Just gone!

So please get the right shoes before you begin your walks / jogs / runs. It makes a difference for real.

Ahhh waiting for my cheat day to enjoy Magnum Gold ice cream!


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