Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hide No More. Be Skin Confident with Bio-Oil

Have you got cracked heels? Like really horrible ones that sometimes to step out of the house, you feel embarrassed to wear open shoes? What's the point of sexy heels when you have cracked heels eh? Lately, the dryness around my feet was getting worse. Even when I went for my mani pedi, my trusted nail tech kept telling me that I need to apply cream every single day, preferably twice a day. 

I did start. But nothing seemed to work that great. Lo and behold, on August 12th, I got an email invite to review Bio-Oil. The very next day, I received my package. I was honest and told the PR agent that I will only review after I have used the product myself for at least a month. Hey, honesty is the best policy right? Now if their product is so good, then that would not be a problem. 

A complimentary travel mirror came in the package!

I decided to try it on my cracked heels. First of all, the scent. Yes, the scent is heavenly. I love how it is not too strong but just nice to get a whiff. Now where does this scent comes from? Its formulation consists of vitamins A & E, and natural plant oils – Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary and Chamomile. I would say it is almost similar to baby oil. 

Now the consistency of this oil is light and non-greasy. As you apply it and rub on to your skin, instantly the skin is moisturized. I just applied some on to my fingertips and rubbed on my hand, and I am typing again. Now you would think my keyboard would have all those print marks right? Well, na uh, there isn't any. 

My cracked heels have improved slightly. That is if I am diligent enough to apply Bio-Oil twice daily for at least a week. Plus according to Bio-Oil themselves, for best results with Bio-Oil: Massage onto the skin twice daily for a minimum of 3 months.

I also tried this oil on my face. You know some days I am just plain lazy to go through the process of toning, then applying eye cream, serum, moisturizer, sun block. I just apply Bio-Oil after I tone my face. And voila! Instantly moisturized and my skin isn't oily instead my skin looks brightened! 

I have tried it on my hair ends as well. After towel drying your hair, without prior using any conditioner, just rub some Bio-Oil on your palms and apply to your hair ends. 

I suppose Bi-Oil can be your best travel mate if you do decide to travel light. 

Best to apply Bio-Oil after you shower. Well, any oil or moisturizer for that matter. 

Oh by the way, it is also long lasting. It's been a month of me using it, and only half a bottle has gone. The price at Guardian for a 60ml bottle (which was sent to me for review) is RM34.75. I think it is very reasonable since Bio-Oil is versatile. 

Here's something about Bio-Oil

ü  Won 238 awards globally since its launch in 2002

ü  Number 1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 20 countries (including Malaysia)
ü  Available in 91 countries
ü  Contains vitamins A & E, natural plant oils and the breakthrough PurCellin OilTM

Hide No More, #BeSkinConfident with #BioOilMy

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