Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mid Autumn Festival

Now the only thing I relate to this festival is MOON CAKES! Yes, I love to eat moon cakes. And for some reason I like a very specific brand, i.e. Tai Thong. As I type this I am imagining what would my parents reaction be like if they knew I eat a particular brand of moon cakes because they buy the ones available in the market or shops all year round - 5 in a pack that costs nothing more than RM10. Whereas mine costs more than that just for a piece! I just ate my last bit of the red bean paste moon cake that we bought yesterday night. I couldn't get hold of my other favorite, the white lotus paste. I only could find the ones with the yolk and I dislike it! 

Well any moon cake with the yolk is a no no for me. 

An ex colleague of mine makes moon cakes and I have asked her to shed some light on the how tos. So who knows eh, my own moon cakes next time maybe? 

Wishing everyone celebrating a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 

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