Monday, September 21, 2015

Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices

Hubby loves to drink juices. I mean really LOVE. He used to buy Peel Fresh, then switched to Minute Maid, then Tropicana, and moved on to Ceres. During my NLP, I met a beautiful lady by the name of Nicole, who turned out to own Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices Malaysia. It took me almost a year to finally try their juices. I was hunting for it at Cold Storage in Jaya Shopping Centre, and then at Jaya Grocer at Jaya 33, but failed to get my hands on any. I mentioned it to her and a couple of weeks later she informs me that there is a promotion going on and comes with free delivery too! So I immediately said yes and surprised the hubs with 3 types pf flavors - Apple, Orange and Apple & Pear. It came in a carton of 6, so I got 2 of each. 

The packaging itself is great. The bottle is not the flimsy type. It is hard and almost like a BPA free bottle (but it isn't okay?!). Our first flavor we tried was the Apple. We were in disbelief with the first sip! I mean, like seriously, the juice tasted like I just juiced apples for real. When all I did was pour from a bottle! 

I no longer have any concerns with hubs drinking juices from a bottle - well only Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices bottles that is. Other juices claim to have no added sugar, but I have always been doubtful. 

Check out their Facebook Page and/or their website

This is not an advertorial. I paid for the carton of juices :) 

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