Saturday, November 28, 2015

A child defined marriage a norm

I visited my cousin this morning. She gave birth to this lovely bundle of joy, an heir to their thrown, the handsome nephew of mine. It was simply a joy that you can only get from a newborn. Amazing. So blessed we are to have family and friends who let us in into their intimate journey of parenthood. Like I said, amazing indeed.

As I sit here now getting some work done since my appointment got postponed just as I walked in to the venue it was suppose to be held, I am thinking. I am thinking that does a child define a marriage? I have been married for 10 years and counting, childless; by choice at some point in our journey; so are we incomplete? Why is it so important to have a child? Why look down at a couple who don't? Oh c'mon, some of you do so! 

I am not sure how will we be when and if we become parents. The first few months or probably even a year or so, I am sure that it will be all about the child. But at some point, will I stop to think that what matters and mattered is us? The two of us? Will I be more of a mother and forget that I am also a woman first, and a wife most importantly? Will I put my husband second and me last?

Well, I sure hope not. I hope to get reminders from people I love that hello, you are being a bit too much! I sure don't want to be like my parents. Who now, have nothing in common. They only bicker too much, worry too much, fight too much, tired too much, negative too much.

God bless me. I hope what I am hoping for won't bite me back in the ass. 


  1. I did wonder the same thing TM. Whether I would be blessed to experience the same feeling that mothers have for their children. But in the end, I always believe that every thing happened for a reason. And God Knows what is best for me. Childless or not, happiness is a choice. So i choose to be happy:-)

    1. You are so right ST, happiness is indeed a choice. Happiness is a state of mind, never a destination per say. And now, you are blessed with a bundle of joy. God definitely knows best.


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