Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9 to 5; or be your own boss?

I started working in the year 2000. It's  been 17 years now. I have always worked for a company, up and until I started my own thing a few years back. I enjoyed it so very much. In June / July last year, I did a part time admin support, helping a friend in a company that I was with a long time ago. It was just for one month, but that one month of part time led me to have a full time opportunity.

At first I thought my friend was joking when she offered me, but to my bewilderment, she wasn't. It took almost a month to decide if I wanted a full time job again as I was happy doing my thing. Income depended on my hard work and resourcefulness. I had all the flexibility in the world. But then there was something triggered inside of me, I began to have parts. So I knew I needed to know what I really wanted to do. A friend coached (NLP) me, and we came to the conclusion that I wouldn't mind the stability to clear our debts. So I decided to take up the offer, but made it clear, that I'd work a min of 1 year, max 2 years. That's the plan.

It's been 11 months now and counting. I have another 13 months to go. Are we out of debt? Not yet. Probably in a few more months. Will we ever be out of debt, I doubt it. There will always be something to purchase, some emergency, something or the other. So I have to stop focusing on out of debt. 

Am I happy since I've known both worlds? Yes and No. I enjoy the stability and having to work only from Mon to Fri, but at the same time, I miss my freedom terribly. Since I have decided to take the plunge, I might as well last it out for another 16 months eh? In the mean time, The Mr has advised to start coming up with ideas and toying around with a few until I know for sure I want to make that switch again. 


  1. Good post, thanks for sharing it! In my case, becoming my own boss and starting a business was the best choice I could make for myself. Now, especially with the help from my amazing staff and great software (check out microsoft dynamics 365 pricing now!) I couldn't be any happier.

  2. Hi..I like to read your blog.It has been awhile since your last update. I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.


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